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Visual Impairment Fact Sheet


This fact sheet on Visual Impairment has been created by Anna Kettlewell from The Manchester College. It offers a brief overview of Visual Impairment including the common difficulties or challenges individuals may face in learning environments.  It contains useful good practice ideas and strategies on how to best support students within the classroom. Support is not a one size fits all approach and should always be bespoke and personalised to the individual, but these strategies are a useful starting point.

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Frequently asked questions

I am new to Microsoft Teams where do I start?

We have lots of resources on this website relating to Microsoft Teams. As a first point of call I would recommend you watch each of these short videos:

When you have become more confident you may want to look at some of these resources to further develop your skills and knowledge:


We have just started using Zoom can you help?

We have lots of resources on this website relating to Zoom but these are what we would recommend you start with:

When you have become more confident you may find these helpful too:


I am confident with our digital platform but I want to use more digital tools for assessment can you help?

We have lots of resources on digital tools these are some of our favourites:


How can I encourage my students to engage more with online learning?

We would encourage you to look at the content and engagement PowerPoint which includes a YouTube video on how to encourage students to turn up to remote learning. We would then suggest looking at the digital tools you are using, one example could be using a wheel of names to engage all students as Beth from The Manchester College does in this video for Directed questioning wheel of (mis)fortune. Also, we would suggest looking at David from The LTE Group’s video effective synchronous tips for teaching and learning.

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